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James Gleick on Bell Labs

History was written time and time again at Bell Labs. James Gleick has a new blog post asking “where are they now?” The answer: Corporations’ long-sighted view of allowing a technologically creative environment with free reign are a thing of … Continue reading

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(Gold)Mining Social Networks for Corporate Compensation

Google turned up an article from 2007 about a research paper detailing the relationship between director compensation and the interrelatedness of the directors’ social networks. (The link in the original article is broken, but I found a link to the … Continue reading

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Inhaling Information

A recent article in The Economist details a new product for asthmatics that will collect data on usage, with both time of dose and GPS geo-coordinates. This presents itself as a wonderfully interesting data acquistion and Data Mining problem. An … Continue reading

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U.S. Federal Funding for Scientific Research

In case you missed it: In a fine example of Information Visualization, the good people at Scientific American put together a graphic showing the breakdown of U.S. Federal Funding for Scientific Research based on department in the January 2011 issue. … Continue reading

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