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McKinsey and the Economist

The Economist weighs in on the McKinsey report, which I pointed to earlier, and provides a lot more background information on the uses of Data Mining. They also add some nice commentary : MGI argues that the data deluge could … Continue reading

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Data Mining and Drug Interaction

Just a quick mention to some life saving aspects of Data Mining. In an article in Heathcare Informatics: A widely used combination of two common medications may cause unexpected increases in blood glucose levels, according to a study conducted at … Continue reading

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Mining Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman mentioned something interesting yesterday. He blogged about the (rightfully) shoddy work done by some researchers, Timothy Conley (Western Ontario University) and Bill Dupor (Ohio State), claiming that the Obama stimulus plan didn’t work.  There are even pointers to … Continue reading

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McKinsey (via the New York Times) and Data Mining

The New York times has an article about a McKinsey report saying that Data Mining is the future. Although the attention from the New York Times is nice, and I still need to read the article in its entirety, I … Continue reading

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Mining the Miners

There’s heaps and heaps of text mining going on in this Economist article about researchers tracking the use of words to find the origin of “original ideas.” They started with some concept association, For example, “Big Bang” and “black hole” … Continue reading

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