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Is “German” a Race?

I stumbled on a great page at about “What ideas should be retired in 2013?” where they asked some famous(ish) academics and thinkers exactly that. The answers are really great! The one from Dr. Nina G. Jablonski about Race … Continue reading

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HTTPS on AVM Fritz!

Short Story: To allow SSL access via MyFritz, remove MyFritz administration via SSL, and re-add SLL via the MyFritz permissions. Long Story: I decided to install OwnCloud on my Raspberry Pi, and use it as a Dropbox type service for … Continue reading

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Data Driver

The Economist has an article about Green Driver which is a company that provides a driver with information about the red light he’s currently sitting at. Dr Ginsberg says Green Driver’s currently free Enlighten app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s … Continue reading

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Linux Has Taken Over The World

ICYMI: zdnet has an article detailing how Linux is the OS behind most electronic products being sold at This is, of course, a very good thing.

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