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More voices

I’m glad to see Jeff Leek at Simply Stats is of the same opinon as me.  With so many rational voices adding to the chorus, you know the government will do exactly the opposite of what’s recommended. Advertisements

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It’s not Skynet, but it’s still really, really bad.

There’s been a bit of a news wave in the Tech Press about a letter signed by 1000 AI experts, (I wasn’t asked. <sniff>) including some technology and science superstars ,(Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Stephen Hawking) urging governments to forgo … Continue reading

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AI Consciousness

As if on queue from my last post, I see over at IFLS (which you also should be reading), that researchers have programmed a primitive type of “consciousness” into some robots. The paper hasn’t been published yet, and I haven’t … Continue reading

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