AI Consciousness

As if on queue from my last post, I see over at IFLS (which you also should be reading), that researchers have programmed a primitive type of “consciousness” into some robots. The paper hasn’t been published yet, and I haven’t read it, but this seems to be a bit more about researchers and journalists in a sensationalist positive feedback loop, than it is about major breakthroughs in AI.

The test is both rudimentary and clever, (go read the link…I’ll wait) and easy to program. I stick my neck out and say that what the researchers have done is created a situation where a robot can mimic self-awareness, but not actually created self-awareness. Peering into my crystal ball, I’ll even say that the major contribution of this paper will be that it will show how to create (gradually more complex) mimicry of self-awareness until, just maybe, we’ll get the Real Deal.

But until then: Don’t worry. Be happy!

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