Microsoft: EmbraceR, ExtendeR, ExtinquisheR

I read with great interest the new blog post over at R Revolutions about the release of “Microsoft R Open 3.3.0.”  And for those of us old enough to remember the Browser Wars of the late 90s, and the resulting  FINDINGS OF FACT concerning Microsoft’s abuse of monopoly power, the first sentence is really eye-catching:

Microsoft R Open 3.3.0, ClarkHeadthe enhanced distribution of open source R, is now available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

“enhanced.” That sure does sound a lot like “extend.” As in Embrace, extend, and extinquish. Since we’ve already seen this movie, with the only slight plot change, where  there’s a bit of “open” to it, we already know what the intention is. With this admission, Microsoft is either being very honest, or cocky, or just lazy.

I use R Studio when I have to use R. (I love ggplot2!) But in general I hate a lot of things about R. And now when I have to go full-contact script-mode, I have more reason to use Python every day.

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