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Local Warming

Yeah, so, Global Warming, erm, I mean, Climate Change, I mean, WGAF….the world is getting warmer and extreme weather events are becoming more common. Anyhow… I decided to see if there was measurable local warming present; this blog post is … Continue reading

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Microsoft is trying its old tricks?

When I read this: When Microsoft introduced the Azure Data Lake, we included a new language, U-SQL, to make Big Data processing easy. U-SQL unifies the declarative power of SQL and the extensibility of C# to make writing custom processing … Continue reading

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It’s not Skynet, but it’s still really, really bad.

There’s been a bit of a news wave in the Tech Press about a letter signed by 1000 AI experts, (I wasn’t asked. <sniff>) including some technology and science superstars ,(Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Stephen Hawking) urging governments to forgo … Continue reading

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Police Killcount

With all of the police-sourced violence in the news, it’s worth taking the time to read an interesting article over at Gawker about the attempt to create a database ( about the incidences of deaths at the hands of law … Continue reading

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Heisenberg and Data Transparency

The Economist has an article on a paper concerning data transparency. The paper uses a natural experiment involving meetings of the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC), the panel that sets interest rates. In 1993 the Fed, pressed by Congress to … Continue reading

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Biased Learning

Scott Aaronson has a fantastic new post, Eigenmorality. He draws a few concepts together that never appear together (eigenvalues and morality), ties it to Axelrod’s excellent The Evolution of Cooperation, and extrapolates to how to make the world better. Nearly … Continue reading

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It’s about the data, stupid!

I’ve been a big fan of Thomas Piketty and his book Capital in the 21st Century long before I knew about Thomas Piketty or his book. When word first started bubbling out about the book and the English translation’s release … Continue reading

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