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Local Warming

Yeah, so, Global Warming, erm, I mean, Climate Change, I mean, WGAF….the world is getting warmer and extreme weather events are becoming more common. Anyhow… I decided to see if there was measurable local warming present; this blog post is … Continue reading

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KNIME and R Integration with Unbalanced Classes in Test and Train Partitions

Integration of data analysis (whither “Data Mining”?) tools can lead to some interesting interactions. For example, on a recent project, I was trying to use R and R’s bnlearn package with KNIME. KNIME has some very cool R nodes to … Continue reading

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Data Science Ontology

ICYMI: Sean McClure has started a Data Science Ontology, with click-throughs to the applicable Wiki page. It’s a work-in-progress (and with any luck, always will be) and very cool. Have a looksee!

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Heisenberg and Data Transparency

The Economist has an article on a paper concerning data transparency. The paper uses a natural experiment involving meetings of the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC), the panel that sets interest rates. In 1993 the Fed, pressed by Congress to … Continue reading

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Machine Learning and Regession

I stumbled on this interesting post on reddit Is ML all about statistical regressions at its core?,  and although I thought the responses were informative, they seemed to be a bit too focused for what I felt was the right … Continue reading

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Data Driver

The Economist has an article about Green Driver which is a company that provides a driver with information about the red light he’s currently sitting at. Dr Ginsberg says Green Driver’s currently free Enlighten app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s … Continue reading

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Admission of Wrongdoing

This article from the Economist details how an amateur palaeontologist uncovered serious errors in previously published papers on how dinosaurs grew. In total, he examined 12 papers. In four cases the original data had been lost. In three, the statistics … Continue reading

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